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Recycling of scrapped bicycles

There are four main steps in the recycling of waste bicycles: selection, handling, disassembly, and recycling.The shredder can dispose the production line, integrating the function of "crushing + sorting" in one The production line is mainly composed of conveying system, crushing system and sorting system.The discarded bicycles are fed into the biaxial shearing shredder by the feeding belt in order to be directly crushed. Lumps crushed into a certain size are sorted according to the size and weight by the roller screen, and the oversized materials are returned to the crusher for secondary crushing. The materials are separated by magnetic separation and separation equipment for metal materials, and then separated by eddy current for aluminum. Iron and aluminum are separated and recovered for easy storage. The core equipment of the shredder production line is made of manganese steel. The equipment has the characteristics of low speed, high torque, high output, low noise, wear resistance and long service life. It is a scrap metal recycling equipment. The production line can crush all the components of the waste bicycles. The crushed finished particles can be used in the regeneration processing of iron and steel plants, which effectively reduces the environmental pollution and solves the problem of recycling of waste resources.Scrap metal shredder price is different, you can contact to get best price