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Shredder bearing quality identification (2)

4, waste shredder machine bearing surfaceWhether there are turbid oil marks on the surface requires special attention when purchasing imported bearings. Since the domestic anti-rust technology has a certain gap with the foreign advanced manufacturing countries, it is easy to leave a thick oil trace when the bearing body is rust-proof, and it feels sticky and sticky when touched by hands, and foreign original There is almost no trace of rust preventive oil on the imported bearings. According to industry insiders, particularly attentive people can smell a special taste on imported bearings, which is the taste of rust-proof oil.5, waste shredder machine bearing chamfer is uniformThe so-called chamfering of the bearing, that is, the intersection of the horizontal and vertical faces, the counterfeit bearing products are handled unsatisfactorily at the corners of these corners due to the limitation of production technology, which we can easily distinguish.6,waste shredder machine bearing packagingBearing of waste shredder machine packaging inner and outer packagingAfter the bearing is manufactured and tested, it is cleaned and rust-proofed, and then placed in the inner packaging to achieve waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, maintenance bearing quality and precision, and convenient use and sales. .