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shredder machine constant innovation to stabilize the market

The thin and light type shredder machine is a kind of machine used for finely crushing waste steel. It is generally used in the recycling of iron and steel drums with large scraps of iron and steel to make them smaller in size for easy transportation and storage. Paint is conducive to the use of steelmaking furnaces, so such waste steel processing equipment is generally adopted and used.It is only limited to the treatment of shredded waste steel, which has certain limitations and cannot be applied to the waste treatment in the market. In order to make such a shredder machine stable in the market, it is necessary to make corresponding improvements and design for different materials, so that the shredder can not only shred waste steel, but also a variety of scrap. The improvement of the shredder is mainly the design of the power and the requirements of the shredding blade. Because different materials have different requirements for shredding, the size of the particles should be manufactured according to demand. Such innovation can occupy the capacity reduction projects of waste materials on the market.The improved shredder machine can be applied to a wider range of treatments: plastic and rubber scraps, domestic and construction waste, and obsolete waste furniture can be processed, because the improved shredder has a certain shredder Advantage.1. The integrated knife box adopts a dual-shaft drive structure in order to improve the power, which ensures the working intensity of the equipment, can extend the working life of the equipment accessories, and saves maintenance costs.2. Refined processing of shredder blades. The current shredder machine blades use different materials and different processing methods for different shredded materials to deal with shredding of different materials. On the basis of optimized use, Consider the cost of use.3. Change the intelligent power distribution facilities so that the shredder has an automatic protection device. Not only the shredder's work output, but also the failure rate of the equipment needs to be considered, so that it has an automatic protection device.4. The main shaft is made of special material after forging and heat treatment, so that it has good anti-fatigue and impact resistance performance, to ensure that the equipment will not be deformed and twisted when the self-protection is reversed, and the life is longer.The scrap steel thin and light type shredder machine is also continuously improved in continuous use, so that it can be applied to a wider range of fields and make the use of shredder equipment longer.