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Shredder machine for recycling waste

   In the 30 years of reform and opening up, the development and construction of the city has achieved rapid development, and the relative amount of industrial waste has also increased. Especially the waste formwork, bamboo sheet, and scrap metal on the construction site are everywhere. Together, it takes up space, and if it is sold to waste collectors, it is not worth it. It is too wasteful to burn it by yourself. Sometimes it is really annoying.   Later I heard that there is a dual-axis shredder machine that can shred a lot of materials. This is how the contractors used the dual-axis shredder machine to dispose of used materials and then reused them to get great benefits. How does a two-axis shredder machine make customers love at first sight?   The materials processed by the dual-axis shredder machine are mainly some waste tires such as waste building formwork, wooden pallets, containers, and packaging boxes. Among these tires, there are nails that cannot be avoided. Processing with ordinary tire grinders will damage the machine's blades. Therefore, the dual-shaft shredder machine is the most popular crusher equipment in the market and users at present. Nails on pallets are ideal for professional crushing of bamboo sheet, waste formwork on the construction site, wooden pallets and other materials.   There are also many customers in other industries to buy GEP mechanical biaxial shredder, for example, users of shredder machine tires, iron sheets, cans and other waste. GEP Machinery Co., Ltd. is based on this concept. Through the continuous efforts of GEP robots, it has continuously strengthened scientific research and obtained a number of national technology patents. He has been a pioneer in improving the shredder machine industry, and has also received unanimous praise from customers. Welcome to visit the company for guidance and guidance.