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  The word "green" has become a concept and goal in people's daily life and work. With the advent of the era of environmental protection economy, people are paying more and more attention to the quality of shredder machine, and the shredder market is also biased towards new, environmentally friendly products.Nowadays, the public's awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing. As the top priority in the recycling industry, the environmental protection has become more and more concerned by the people, and the market share of environmental protection shredder is also expanding.Faced with a huge potential consumer group, people in the industry believe that shredder machine manufacturers need to break their mindset, reposition their products for the market, respond to market changes, grasp the characteristics of green consumers ’consumer needs, and truly grasp market opportunities. And win profits.   The biggest feature of the shredder machine is to maximize the reuse of resources and reduce environmental pollution. Renewable energy can improve China's deteriorating ecological environment. The development and utilization of shredder equipment is of great significance for renewable energy. GEP heavy industry machinery shredder machine brings challenges to economic development, but also provides development opportunities for discerning people. In recent years, green shredder equipment is the most concerned investment industry in the market.