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Shredder machine shreds material directly

The traditional shredder machine is manually cut with a cutting machine and then shredded into particles by the shredder machine. This method is inconvenient for many large-volume manufacturers and customers. Continuous absorption and change, producing large-scale roll film shredder machine, the machine has a high degree of initiative, high production efficiency, can enable customers to economically recover large-caliber plastic waste products, pipes and head materials. Any recovered plastic that can be put in the mouth of the feeding box can be shredded without cutting.     Large roll film shredder machine uses high-tech new durable blades, which have the advantages of strong shredding ability, stable function, high efficiency, low temperature and easy operation, so it is widely used, such as plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, etc. Such as water pipes, plastic heads, cardboard, circuit boards, wood, plastic buckets, etc. Users can choose the corresponding roll film shredder machine type according to the material size and processing capacity.