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Shredder machine used cleverly

   Washing machines play an indispensable role in our lives, but every household appliance has a life. When a used washing machine is abandoned and cannot be repaired, we can sell it as a waste product. After the waste factory is bought back, What would it do? After the waste collection place is recovered, the outer shell, the interior, and the motor of the washing machine can be separated. The useful parts can sell the waste. Then those unused scraps will be piled up a lot, not only occupying a lot of space, but also adding a reuse environment pressure. Yuanda waste clothes shredder machine can destroy these wastes, and further dispose of these waste machines. If you do not want to disassemble, you can also throw these used waste washing machines directly into the shredder machine for destruction, and then pass through the separator. The sorting of these iron, scraps, and plastic particles is convenient and convenient for our customers to use and preserve.   Waste electrical appliances shredder can shred used electrical appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, fans, etc., so that we can extract copper and other precious metals in between. It is an environmentally friendly machine that can get rich. The old appliance shredder machine has a stable and compact structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation and maintenance, and a magnetic separation device at the discharge port, which can separate iron and other impurities and make the best use of it. The shredder machine hammers and liners of waste appliances use special materials to increase the life of the machine. The crushed materials are clean and bright, which can directly meet the requirements of "fine material into the furnace".   The materials of the waste household appliances are transported to the feeding slope through a conveyor. The feeding slope is equipped with two rotatable rollers, one high and one low, to crush it and send it into the shredder machine. The smashing, tearing, and shredding process passes through the lower and top grids and falls on the discharge conveyor. The shredder machine is crushed together, and the shredder is sprayed with water to cool down and avoid dust. The crushed material from the shredder machine of the old home appliance is separated by magnetic sorting system from ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal and non-metallic objects, and sent out by their respective conveyors.   GEP Machinery's entire old appliance shredder production line has a high degree of automation and is very simple to operate. It can handle a variety of metal materials and can achieve automatic separation of iron, aluminum, copper, plastic and other materials. If there is a demand for old appliance shredder machine production line equipment, Please contact us GEP Machinery.