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Single Shaft Shredder, Plastic Shredding Machine

CRSTA single shaft industrial shredder can shred nearly all recyclable materials in high efficiency.

Features Detail

A forcible pressing plate is added to increase the shredding output of the waste containers with high flexibility. It is especially suitable for cooperative use with the production line without manual feeding or pressing, and can be operated in dry or wet shredding mode.

The hydraulic bucket-tipping device is arranged to facilitate the opening of the feeding hopper, and the cavity of this plastic shredding machine can be opened by the switch, which is labor saving, safe and reliable.

The distance between the rotor blade and the stator blade is 0.2 mm, so that that the plastic can be shredded by one rotation, and the blade can be adjusted to ensure fast feeding and high output.

Parameters The blade is made of 9CrSi.
Model CR-FS600# CR-FS700# CR-FS900# CR-FS1000# CR-FS1200# CR-FS1500#
Power (KW) 22 30 45 55 75 105
Power of the hydraulic control unit (KW) 2.2 3 4 5.5 7.5 11
Cutting Chamber(MM) L600*W510 L700*W610 L900*w810 L1000*W910 L1200*950 L1480*W1000
Rotor Speed 480 480 460 430 300 240
Number of knives (PC.) 10 10 10 10 20 20
Screen Optional 10-40 round-hole screen, and rib screen designed for thin films
Throughput (KG/H) 500 800K 1000 1500 2000 3000
Dimensions (M) L2*W1.45*H2.1 L2*W1.55*H2.1 L2*W1.9*H2.4 L2.1*W2*H2.6 L2.3*W2*H2.7 L2.5*W2.2*H3.1
Weight (KG) 1600 1900 2800 3200 5000 6500
Accessorie Equipped with hydraulic driven ram and interchangeable hopper
Recommended matching production line