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Solid Waste Shredder 2021

Waste is bulky and hard to process, sometimes it is dangerous and smelly. Government and industry efforts have attempted to minimize municipal solid waste (MSW) – otherwise known as trash or garbage – yet it still dominates the waste stream. An alternative option to detrimental landfill is to turn this waste into energy with refuse-derived fuel (RDF) by using a solid waste shredder.

GEP Ecotech’s solid waste shredder is a heavy-duty recycling machine designed for industrial applications and can be configured to efficiently process a variety of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, ferrous and non-ferrous metal and tires. Waste Shredders in either high or low speed usually have a perforated screen which governs the final shredded product size by not allowing the product through until it has been shredded small enough by the rotating cutters against the counter blades.

Why does industrial waste shredder matter?

A waste shredder is used almost exclusively for industrial applications, where volume reduction is required. It is suitable for the treatment of purges, plastics in general, pipes and profiles, PET bottles, etc.; for the treatment of electrical cables, aluminum shavings and cans, WEEE, metal shavings, metal scrap, confidential documents, medical waste, hazardous waste and pharmaceuticals.

The estimated production of industrial waste sherdder is between 300 and 6000 kg/hour depending on the material processed and the set of blades.

What can you do with Waste Shredder?

Benefits of Waste Shredder

high output industrial shredder

We build industrial waste sherdder based on your need and requirement. Our technical and sales team are happy to assist to customize your desired recycling project.