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The era of mandatory waste sorting(2)

The kitchen waste is sent to the food waste disposal line by the driving grab. The screw conveyor is first sent to the food waste shredder machine for crushing, and at the same time, the magnetic separator sorts the metal articles in the waste. The shredder machine crushed and sorted kitchen waste is conveyed by the screw conveyor to the biomass separator to separate organic and inorganic materials, and at the same time, the organic materials are crushed. Inorganic materials such as cloth strips and plastic bags are directly output by the spiral discharge equipment, while organic materials are squeezed and dehydrated to become fibrous crushed residues, which are then discharged for export. Sewage generated during the disposal of kitchen waste will be converted into reclaimed water after centralized sewage treatment to promote the recycling of water resources.Zhongyuan District domestic waste shredder machine sorting center project, as the first domestic waste classification and co-processing base in Henan Province, is also a key project for the development of GEP machinery environmental protection market. Since winning the bid for the Zhongyuan District Domestic Waste Sorting Center project, all departments of GEP have attached great importance to this project cooperation, actively participated in the construction of domestic waste disposal projects, and advanced the project progress with high efficiency and effort. Praise.The end-of-waste disposal is the "last mile" through which to sort waste. Only by doing a good job in the end disposal process can we ensure that the classified garbage has its own place and form a complete "closed loop" of garbage treatment. As a local environmental protection equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprise in Zhengzhou, GEP shredder machine machinery environmental protection stated that it will adhere to the social responsibility of “sharing green technology”, continue to assist the commissioning and operation of the project equipment, provide high-quality after-sales service for the project, and sort the domestic waste project Become a national benchmark for domestic garbage disposal demonstration, and form a construction and operation model that can be replicated and promoted.