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The necessity of regular maintenance of metal crusher rotor

The metal crusher rotor plays a balancing role in the equipment, which has a great impact on the equipment. After long-term use, the rotor will inevitably have a short service life and damage, which will directly affect the production. Therefore, the metal crusher rotor is regularly maintained It is necessary.The metal crusher uses a high-speed rotating hammer to impact and squeeze scrap metal. Because the equipment is subjected to metal impact and friction for a long time during operation, the rotor components are inevitably worn, deformed, damaged and lose their normal working ability. If the rotor's working status is not analyzed and its life is predicted, and planned maintenance and overhaul are implemented, once an emergency occurs, it will cause serious losses to the company as a whole line of production shutdown. The rotor is the main component that connects the hammer head in the scrap steel crusher. However, it also plays a balance role while connecting the hammer head. Some customers will say that when changing the hammer head of the small scrap steel crusher, the two sides have been hammered. The weight of the head has been measured, and the error is less than 5g. However, after installation, the equipment will still vibrate violently. When the rotor is connected to the hammer head, if the two sides of the rotor are connected to the hammer head, if the two sides are worn out, the weight of the two sides will be unbalanced. If this is the case, it is easy to cause the equipment to vibrate, so the rotor should also be listed as a part of daily attention.