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This reduces the wear and tear of the wood shredder

The function of the shredder is mainly to pulverize the waste materials into granules or small pieces and reuse them. With the development of wood working professions, the demand for shredders in the mall has been promoted.The wear resistance of the wood shredder is a factor that cannot be ignored.1. The cutter of the shredder must be sprayed.It is a good way to extend the service life of the tool of the equipment.For example, electroplating is a traditional maintenance method. The suitability of electroplating is very strong. It is not subject to the size and batch size of the workpiece, and can maintain the tool of the wood shredder.There is also the use of thermal spray technology, thermal spray technology is the use of gas, liquid fuel, etc. as a heat source, through high-speed airflow to atomize, spray, deposit to the appearance of the pre-processed workpiece formed firmly attached to the appearance of the tool.2. The maintenance work must be done before the operation, and the wheel of the new device is prone to loosening.A thorough inspection must be carried out before use, and the consumable parts should also be inspected to ensure that the shredder has no problems before starting the operation.