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Tire shredder failure solution

When operating the tire shredder, we often encounter some unexpected faults, which makes us caught off guard. In this case, I suggest you to calm down. The following is about the experience of sudden failure in the use of tire shredder for everyone to share, I hope that our customers can gain experience:1 Inner shell rupture: The inner shell rupture of the tire shredder will cause the inner shell coarse material to leak into the outer shell, which will make the fineness of the finished product thicker. In this case, the method of entering the control panel or increasing the number of auxiliary wind blades will also be invalid, and the product fineness is still very thick. At this time, it should be stopped and checked in time. In the bend of the lower cone discharge pipe, the inner shell is easily worn and broken. If there is a hole, it can be temporarily welded and repaired, and it will be treated again during regular maintenance.2 Blades fall off or break: When the auxiliary blades fall off, the fineness of the product will suddenly become thicker and fluctuate. At this point, the tire shredder body has a lighter swing, and should be stopped for inspection and processing in time.3 The control panel is not aligned: During the operation of the tire shredder, the control panel will move inward or outward due to the vibration of the body, resulting in a change in the fineness of the product. At this time, it is also necessary to check whether the dimensions of the control panel are uniform, so as to be corrected in time.4 The inner casing cutting pipe is blocked: When the cutting pipe is clogged, the coarse material accumulated in the inner casing can overflow from the return air blade into the finished product of the outer casing, so that the fineness of the product suddenly becomes thick. At this time, the load of the hoist will be quickly reduced, and the inspection should be stopped immediately.5 mill discharge "running rough" due to changes in the performance of the material or the improper feeding operation caused the grinding machine to "saturate" or "grinding", resulting in a sudden coarsening of the fineness of the material. At this time, the feed amount should be adjusted first to restore the material balance, so that the fineness of the milled material reaches the normal control range.