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Tire shredder installation steps

How to install the tire shredder is a reasonable step. Now the shredder produced by GEP is equipped with a shelf. It is not necessary to use cement to fix the pile. It is very convenient to fix the shelf directly.Therefore, if you purchase the equipment, you can start the production by connecting the tire shredder according to the regulations, and save a lot of steps. However, the placement of the crusher is also skillful, and the position of the tire shredder production line is related to the production yield and the quality of the finished material.Place the tire shredder production line in order. The site is placed from the host and placed in the proper position. If there is a pit that can be placed in the foundation, it can alleviate the noise. The placement is to ensure the balance of the whole machine. , tighten with screws to prevent vibration during operation.After the main machine is fixed, the next step is to place the feeding conveyor, and the feeding device is built at the feeding port, and the magnetic separation conveying is arranged to be aligned with the discharging port.Then, the dust collector is placed, and the dust removal duct is installed first. Each tube of GEP is marked with a mark before leaving the factory. After the assembly is completed, the whole set of the tire shredder production line is installed.Then, the power is turned on, and the equipment is turned on for a few minutes. The purpose is to check whether the belt is off-track and adjust the belt. After the adjustment is completed, connect each line to the power distribution cabinet.Through the power distribution cabinet to control everything, the power distribution cabinet plays a circuit protection role in the entire tire shredder production line. GEP also mentioned the importance of the tire shredder power distribution cabinet.The installation of the tire shredder is directly related to whether the entire production line of the equipment can be fully operated, so the installation process must be serious.