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Tire shredder needs regular oil maintenance

        Tire recycling machine has the characteristics of heavy load, low speed, price difference and continuous production. During normal repairs, all kinds of smooth oil, especially the bearing on the host, have infinite bearing capacity. We should also pay attention to several related aspects in the normal smooth handling and application of bearings to improve operating efficiency and extend the service life of bearings.         During the use of the tire recycling machine, the wear increased significantly, and abnormal noises were emitted, indicating that the smooth oil application state was not excellent. In addition to the problems of data and design, it can be said that the selection of smooth oil is unreasonable: First, the viscosity is not suitable; Second, the mix of new oil and old oil. Although this may have some short-term effects, the oil performance will be significantly reduced and the smooth conditions of the tire shredder bearing will be worsened. Addition of bearing wear will definitely shorten the life of the bearing. For the tire shredder to start from the economic benefit point of view, it should be more accurate and useful to use oil. Whether to change the oil and when to change it, in addition to following the rules of the oil change period, you should also think based on the operating time and operating rate of the equipment, so as to maximize the performance of the oil product.