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Tire shredder replacement bearing method (1-3)

During our use of the tire shredder, the tire shredder bearing will be damaged to varying degrees, and if the damage is to a certain extent, it will not be used. Therefore, we have to replace the tire shredder bearing in time to ensure that the tire shredder works properly. Here are the eight solutions for replacing the bearing with the tire shredder.(1) Check whether the direction of rotation of the fixed blade tip in the assembly is consistent with the direction of motor rotation. On the contrary, if the crushing effect is not achieved, it should be corrected in time.(2) Check the installation error of the moving blade in the assembly. When the blade is used under the U-turn, in order to prevent the balance of the weight of the rotor, all the moving blades must be turned over and installed, otherwise the rotor will vibrate strongly when it rotates.(3) The weight difference between the fixed blade and the moving blade of the two groups cannot exceed 5g. The solution is to adjust the weight of the blade so that the corresponding blade weight difference is less than 5g.