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tire shredder should be operated properly

 The shredder is a powerful tire shredder that is driven by an electric motor and provides high torque through a reducer. The entire machine consists of a shredder toolbox, a workbench, a tire shredder bracket, a reducer, a motor and a power distribution cabinet. The shredder production line takes shredder as the core and is equipped with conveyor belts, magnetic sorters, metal crushers, dust removal equipment and other auxiliary equipment. We provide on-site installation services free of charge to ensure the smooth installation of our customers' metal shredder production lines. The following normative guidelines are developed for the operating instructions of the installer.  1. Take the customer's opinion as the core, and put forward optimization suggestions based on the actual equipment situation to ensure the correctness and rationality of the customer's equipment installation;  2. Make reasonable planning according to the customer's production site to ensure the orderly installation and production of the equipment without affecting the incoming and outgoing materials, and at the same time, the prevention and control of pollution such as noise and dust must be considered.  3. Combined with the customer's production arrangement, flexibly supporting the tire shredder production line, which saves time and effort and makes full use of the advantages of the equipment;  4. Equipment installers must observe the discipline of the customer's manufacturer and follow the customer's manufacturer's guidelines;  5.Complete the installation of the equipment with the staff of the customer company, and pay attention to the training of the customer staff when installing the equipment, including understanding the structure and composition of the metal shredder, preventive measures for the equipment work, and training in the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machines produced after .  6.tire shredder installers must always put the image of the maintenance company and the interests of the customers in one place, not cause harm to the company, and must not harm the interests of the customers.