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Use of shredded paper

The waste paper shredded by the waste paper shredder can be described as gold in the waste industry. It is a product with a generally high recovery rate, circulation rate, and value. Nowadays, when wood resources are increasingly scarce, waste paper is used in papermaking. Industry plays a very important role in the source of raw materials. The first step after the recycling and sorting of waste paper resources is to shred them into small pieces, which provides conditions for the subsequent convenient manufacture of pulp. The waste paper shredder can dispose of various waste cartons, cardboard, corrugated paper, paper tubes, paper tubes, cartons, paper trays, cardboard, yellow board paper, paper mill scraps, paper mill scraps, papermaking waste, waste books, Shredded waste paper, newspapers, document paper, paper packaging bags and other waste paper into small pieces. The shredded cartons and newspapers are usually transported to paper mills as papermaking materials. The paper mill will sort the waste paper according to the difference, and put it into the pulp pond to make pulp according to the process. Pulp is the main material for papermaking, and the base paper made from waste paper pulp is mostly grade C or below. The waste paper shredder has a main body, motor, shredding device and PLC automatic control. It is designed for waste paper. It is suitable for the shredding of various waste paper. It can be controlled in size and evenly discharged. GEP Machinery produces The waste paper shredder adopts low speed and high efficiency, which is widely used in the shredding process in the recycling industry.