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Waste mattress crusher

Working principle of waste mattress crusher:This product uses a transmission system and a reducer to make the two gears cut the material to the roller and break the material into blocks. The double-shaft crusher is a small size that is cut, squeezed and torn by the material. The biaxial shearing crusher of the material, the speed of the blade shaft is generally 10-70 rpm, the high speed of the motor is reduced to the low speed of the blade shaft by the reducer, and the two relatively rotating tools are used to shear each other. The principle of cutting and tearing breaks the material. Adopt "double motor double planetary reducer", with strong power and high running stability. Application fields of waste mattress crusher:Application areas; industrial hazardous waste; electronic waste, bulky garbage sofa mattresses, spring mattresses, and broken sofas can be used to reduce the volume of waste and recycle it, thereby beautifying the urban environment and improving the quality of people's living environment. Coal mining enterprises, construction crushed stones, refractory materials, chemicals, railway stones, metallurgy and other industries produce high-quality stone materials. Waste mattress crusher price:The first thing to consider is the manufacturer. The positioning of each manufacturer is different. The effects of the produced equipment are different. The models have different specifications, different prices, hundreds of thousands of medium-sized, millions of large, and different equipment manufacturers. Their manufacturing process and positioning will have different prices. It depends on the model, on the crushed output size, output, etc. Want to buy a sofa mattress crusher is mainly based on the output, according to the output model to determine the price, if necessary, please consult Zhongshan Chuangneng Environmental Protection, the output is different, the price ranges from 5-60 million.