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waste shredder changes situation of traditional garbage mixi

In order to explore the classification and treatment of municipal waste and improve the efficiency of secondary waste resources, our company has developed a new type of waste shredder machine, which is divided into two-axis shredder, double-layer four-axis waste shredder, and mobile life waste shredder. .According to the environmental protection department, the waste produced in the first-tier cities is 1,500 tons a day, of which 500 tons are incinerated or landfilled. There is no shortage of construction waste or soil residue in the incineration, which seriously affects the heating value supply. At present, most of the country has also seen the situation where garbage surrounds the city. If household source classification, unified collection and classification, and early refined classification cannot be achieved, the secondary available resources of garbage will be lost at an increasing rate, and Bring inevitable losses to society. The government issued corresponding measures to implement the measures in place. Residents responded to the property call and gradually implemented the waste separation and recycling method. At the same time, the purchaser was contacted and sold after the shredder machine was shredded, and then the secondary waste after the recycling was sold in a unified manner to form self-produced The business model of sales gradually changes the situation of traditional garbage mixed loading. The waste shredder machine we produce is an expert in crushing urban domestic waste. Not only does it smash the old furniture, TVs, refrigerators, computers, bicycles, waste wires and other materials, it also has a sorting function that can easily separate jobs. Equipped with dust removal equipment, which improves the working environment. Related product recommendations: double-shaft shredder, double-layer four-shaft shredder, waste shredder machine, wood shredder, plastic shredder, tire shredder, waste circuit board recycling equipment.