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Waste shredder is the king of the shredded industry

Waste shredder machine equipment has a wide range of applications. It is professionally designed for various domestic waste materials and suitable for shredding various types of domestic waste, such as: waste clothing, waste shoes, waste quilts, waste daily necessities, packaging bags, waste wood, Waste plastics, food waste, etc., are the true "big stomach king" of shredding industry.The casing of the waste shredder machine equipment is welded and reinforced with high-strength wear-resistant steel plates, and the cutter head on the rotor is forged with an alloy. It has high hardness and wear resistance. The rotor rotates the cutter head to engage, cut, squeeze, and shred. When the waste shredder machine is working, the material can be shredded fully and effectively in the shred cavity, with high output, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. 2. The material is discharged uniformly, and when using the equipment, the noise is low, no pollution, simple operation and convenient maintenance.Zhengzhou GEP machinery waste shredder machine is one of the more widely used equipment now, because it can deal with a large variety of items, now is the key moment to advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, many industries are rectifying, and the machinery industry wants to be free from Impact must produce more energy-saving and environmentally friendly equipment.