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Waste shredder machine application field

If these garbage are transported directly, the cost will be very high, so the appearance of the waste shredder machine can be said to save resources, and the shredded garbage saves space for transportation and recycling. This also facilitates the handling, transportation and recycling of garbage in daily life, industry, and construction.Garbage shredder machine application areas:1. Domestic waste landfill: material handling2. Domestic waste circulating fluidized bed incineration: material handling3. Domestic waste pyrolysis gasification: material processing4. Domestic waste comprehensive sorting and resource utilization: material handling5. Co-processing of cement kiln: material handling6. Resource recycling: material processing7. Industrial chemical waste treatment8. Kitchen waste treatment9. Medical waste treatment10. Disposal of used furniture11. Power plant biomass power generationThe most recent hot topic - garbage sorting, we may not have much idea about it before. After understanding the treatment principle of the waste shredder machine in various fields, the garbage generated in our daily life and work must be classified and discarded, which not only saves the cost and time of garbage disposal, but also is our society. The progress of civilization has contributed by the waste shredder machine.