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Waste shredder machine promotes recycling of waste

The traditional way of waste disposal is landfill and incineration. Landfill not only needs to occupy a large number of sites. If the anti-seepage measures are improper, it is easy to make the leachate into the surrounding surface water or infiltrate the soil, and the environment around the landfill and The health of residents constitutes a long-term serious pollution. Waste incineration also produces toxic gases that pollute the air. Toxic and harmful substances in the bottom ash after incineration still require landfill or further harmless treatment. Therefore, it is more advantageous to recycle and recycle the waste garbage after sorting, and the waste shredder machine can categorize different garbage collection and use it as recycled garbage.About the maintenance and maintenance of the waste shredder machine should start from the usual, such as stop the preheating when running the equipment, and then put the materials into the waste shredder machine equipment. Then, after the work is completed, wait until the materials are completely discharged before turning off the equipment, and clean the remaining materials on the machine in time. The second is to do the usual maintenance and maintenance, pay attention to the use of lubricating oil during maintenance, clean the equipment, check the tightening condition of the bolts, and check the wear condition of each accessory, if there is serious wear To be changed in time, the maintenance and maintenance of the garbage shredder should start from the usual, and stick to it can effectively increase the service life of the equipment.