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Waste tire pyrolysis and incineration

Pyrolysis is the use of external heating to open chemical chains, organic matter is decomposed into fuel gas, aromatic-rich oils, and valuable chemical products such as carbon black. The tire has a very high calorific value (2937 MJ/kg). Waste tires can be used as fuel for cement kilns and can be used to generate electricity. GEP Machinery tire shredder, using cutting tool for shearing, tearing, squeezing working principle process the material, crushing different solid waste, and good effect for hard and soft materials.This tyre shredder adopts low speed, big torque design, has high shear force, good effect shredding effect, low noise, stable, etc feature.GEP Machinery also produces the entire production line for tyre recycling machine, namely the tire recycling plant.After years of hard work, the company has established a complete and effective service system, and has built an experienced service team to provide free planning for customers. Design and installation of basic diagrams and flow charts, provide professional technical training, and send technicians to guide installation and commissioning equipment on site.