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What are performance characteristics of metal shredder machi

The crushed material is sorted through the holes on the screen to eliminate the components that meet the size. The excessive material will be automatically broken up and crushed again. In addition, the entire system of shredder machine belongs to the low-speed crushing mode, which will not generate dust and ensure safety and environmental protection. Healthy production environment.Economic characteristics of metal shredder machine: The material shredded by the metal shredder machine is bright and clean, which is convenient for transportation and reduces transportation costs. The yield of steel mills during steelmaking improves. The profit margin is increased, the ratio of the molten steel to the input scrap steel is high (the output ratio is high), the chemical composition in the furnace is stable, the heating is uniform, the molten steel has low phosphorus and sulfur content, the feeding density increases, the number of feeding is reduced, and the furnace is refractory The life of the material lining is extended, air pollution during shredder machine processing is reduced during smelting, operation is easy, energy consumption is reduced, and profit margins are reduced.