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What are requirements for shredder machine blades?

  As we all know, the operation of the shredder machine blade is relatively simple, and the environmental requirements are not very high. Usually, a 220V power supply is used in the usual equipment to ensure power supply. Generally, the cutter has an active switching system. As long as the paper is in the person, the cutter will actively rotate to cut the paper. Some shredder machines also need to press the "Start" button for the machine to work properly, and then release the files that need to be shredded. When shredding the paper, press the Forward button and the cutter will roll to continue cutting. At the end of the shredded paper, press the Stop Reverse button to stop the cutter from rolling.  Before shredder machine blades are shredded, check the documents to be shredded for hard objects such as paper clips and staples. If so, remove it and place it in the paper port, otherwise the tool may be damaged. When using the cutter, be careful not to squeeze too much paper, especially good quality paper. Pay attention when using to avoid paper jams. When loading paper, do not tilt it. Place the narrower paper in the center of the paper feed as much as possible.  For shredder blade products, if a paper jam occurs in the application, press the back button or stop button to stop the shredder from rolling or backing to clear the jam. As long as the jam is cleared, these machines can be used continuously. Most shredder machine are equipped with overload protection. When the motor is overloaded and heated, it will actively stop. At this point, the application should be paused for 20 to 30 minutes to cool the shredder blade motor. When using them together, consider appropriately reducing the amount of some input paper. Today, more advanced shredder machine will actively suspend and take out paper when it is overloaded, making it easier to use. When the box of the cutter is full, some machines will actively make a sound to remind everyone to remove the paper scraps in time.