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What are the advantages of metals treated with metal shredde

The working principle of the metal shredder is usually driven by the high-speed, high-torque motor.The blade on the metal shredder rotor continuously cuts the scrap metal entering the body, using the strong impact between the blades.The crack forms a certain specification of the material, so that the next-stage crusher can be pulverized better, and then processed by the sorting device, the high-quality metal with higher purity can be obtained.The metal treated by the metal shredder has the following advantages:1. The purity of the metal is relatively high;2. Less other debris on the metal;3. The proportion of metal piles is relatively high;4. The metal material is neat, the specifications are close, which is conducive to transportation;If the shredded metal is used in steel smelting, it has the following advantages over ordinary scrap steel;1. After the shredding, the steel has a short smelting cycle, and the broken steel has uniform texture and can be quickly smelted;2. After the previous processing, the chemical composition of the molten steel after smelting is stable and contains low sulfur and phosphorus;3. The recovery rate of shredded steel is greatly improved compared with that before crushing;4. Due to the previous crushing work, the smelting process has become simple, and the power consumption per ton of molten steel has been greatly reduced;5. The shredding process reduces impurities and achieves the effect of reducing air pollution and slag;6. Uniform broken steel can effectively increase the life of the furnace lining.