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What are the advantages of plastic shredder over other devic

     Plastic shredder machine has become one of the various shredders. As we all know, as a mechanical device, it can be divided into many different types. What are the advantages of plastic shredder machine compared to other types?      Plastic shredder machine has many different functions in actual operation. Plastic machines can tear oil bottles, gasoline bottles, plastic films, space bags, mineral water bottles, etc. Because plastic has certain characteristics, the traditional shredder machine is very fast in the actual crushing process, so in this case. The surface of the entire device generates a lot of heat when it is crushed. However, once the plastic is heated, it will slowly melt and even different conditions, such as stretching or deformation, will change the properties of the entire object itself, which is not conducive to the recycling of the plastic.         Of course, plastic shredder machine is very slow in actual operation. In fact, this crushing method is random crushing. They do not work at high temperatures throughout the comminution process, so they do not change the properties of the raw materials. They are not produced at all because they are not heated during work. Some molten plastics cannot produce other materials without tearing some degradable plastics. This is a very environmentally friendly method of tearing, which is particularly beneficial for recycling.         Therefore, there are still many advantages over other types of plastic shredder. It has low noise and low energy consumption during operation, ensuring the uniformity of each broken particle. The tool has some wear resistance and is easy to use. The important thing is that it has a long life. Can meet the tearing requirements of some plastic products.         Plastic shredder, commonly used materials, is mainly divided into two categories: mold steel and tool steel. The power supply structure consists of three-phase AC motors or two-phase AC motors for users to choose.         GEP Machinery is focusing on the core technology research and development of shredder series equipment. After more than ten years of continuous efforts, closely combined with customer needs, GEP currently produces large, medium and small shredder series equipment: iron bucket shredder, construction waste shredder machine, plastic shredder, tire shredder, rubber shredder, metal shredder, plastic pipe shredder, Film shredder, tube shredder, bicycle shredder, biaxial shredder, plastic film shredder, scrap iron shredder, fishing net shredder, etc., on the premise of green, environmental protection, safety, and reasonable, it has solved more than a thousand kinds of renewable solid waste and waste , Waste, scrap metal, waste plastic, waste wood and other materials recycling and processing problems, has played a huge role in promoting the development of renewable resources recycling industry.