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What are the causes of motor damage? (2-3)

2. The motor is overloaded. If the car shredder user runs for a long time, the stator current greatly exceeds the rated current and the motor overheats. Or the device starts frequently, the startup time is too long or the startup interval is too short, which will cause the motor temperature rise too high. Therefore, the car shredder manufacturer recommends that users do not push the car shredder in order to increase the output during production, causing the motor to overload and burn out; it is recommended that the user cut the material at a constant speed to reduce the occurrence of faults.3. Reasons for environmental and ventilation cooling. If the car shredder is working in an environment with excessive dust, excessive oil and moisture, and poor ventilation, it will cause the motor to burn out.The above three aspects are the main cause of car shredder motor burnout. Zhengzhou GEP Machinery Co., Ltd. recommends that users pay attention to motor quality problems when purchasing shredder, pay attention to operation problems in later use, pay attention to electric control cabinet ammeter and voltmeter. The change of the pointer of the electrical meter. If problems are found, repair and replace the motor in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.