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What are the characteristics of the dual-axis shredder blade

Environmental protection business has great potential in the country. Recycling of waste products is an important branch of environmental protection business. It pulverizes articles through machinery and reuses them. The productivity of the biaxial shredder machine blade can shred the large pieces of waste materials that were difficult to crush before, and then continue to use it to produce other items. The biaxial shredder machine is mainly used to shred large-diameter plastic pipes, waste products bundled in bulk, and large pieces of waste products. Compared with traditional crusher machinery, it has greater power and processing capacity for large pieces.Features of biaxial shredder machine blade:1. Some shredder machines on the production line can be eliminated into small pieces for further processing.2. Reduce the volume of large pieces of waste, shred large garbage into small pieces or pieces of waste, and continue to crush and process.3. Put trees, waste sofas, etc. directly into the shredder, and what comes out is the fuel that can be used to directly burn the coal stove. The function of the biaxial shredder blade is much more than that. As long as the selected materials and blade design are reasonable, it can cut and shred all waste, such as metal, domestic and industrial waste.The types of shredder machine are mainly divided into two types: multi-axis and single-axis rolling shredder. The principle of dual-axis shredder machine blade processing is that the two groups of disc blades tear, cut and shear together work on waste products. Destructive effects on waste products. The single-shaft shredder cutter is mainly installed in the concave hole of the shaft, and the shearing action of the single-shaft knife and the W-shaped tooth knife on the rotating shaft is opposite to the cutting action of the shredder machine blade.