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What are the current methods of garbage disposal?

“Garbage is a resource that is misplaced, and how much garbage is generated when it is consumed.” In turn, how much garbage should be converted.   At present, there are roughly three types of garbage disposal methods in the world: landfill, incineration power generation, harmless, and resource treatment.Landfill not only occupies a large amount of land resources, but also easily causes pollution of soil and groundwater resources, and does not produce economic benefits;Incineration and power generation, large investment, high operating costs, if not handled properly, the resulting soot will cause serious pollution to the atmospheric environment, endangering human health.Resource processing is the most environmentally friendly treatment. For example, the GEP mechanical waste shredder machine uses a physical shredding method, which is highly efficient and pollution-free.In addition to the waste shredder machine, GEP Machinery also produces tire shredder, scrap metal shredder price, mini aluminum can shredders and so on.