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What are the materials for crocodile scissors?

Crocodile scissors for materials:Metal, iron, cast iron, thin iron, thin iron, light and thin materials, steel, color steel tile, scrap steel, scrap iron, aluminum alloy, channel steel, angle steel, angle iron, copper plate, sheet metal, aluminum profile, scrap steel, aluminum plate, Iron plate, steel plate, round steel, scrap metal.GEP Machinery is a professional manufacturer specializing in the development, research and production of shredder equipment such car shredder,mini aluminum can shredder,waste shredder machine, with professional production technology, advanced production technology, sophisticated manufacturing equipment and reasonable after-sales service. The tire shredder and metal shredder produced by our company are not only of high quality, but also the scrap metal shredder price is reasonable.The specifications are complete, the design is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, the materials are exquisite, and the shredded materials have strong adaptability. It is a professional manufacturer of domestic rubber shredder equipment.