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What are the requirements for blade accuracy

The manufacturing accuracy of the blade of the garbage waste shredder machine largely determines the quality and use effect of the equipment. In the selection of the blade, we mainly use 9CrSi, 5CrW2Si, 6CrW2Si, CrWMn, Cr12MoV, HMK, HMB, H13K and other excellent tool steels and Hegao It is made of gold mold steel. After passing through the cutting machine, such blades are usually subjected to certain conditioning and aging treatments, and then can be processed by the grinding machine to obtain higher surface finish and manufacturing accuracy, so as to protect the shredder sleeve and The accuracy of blade spacing.In the manufacture of equipment blades, the diameter of shredder blades can be as large as 1.8 meters.The blades and spacers of the garbage shredder (gap pad), the main technical guarantees:1. Large outer diameter of blade: 1800mm, small outer diameter: 100. Thickness value 3mm--60mm2. Thickness of spacer (gap piece): 0.8mm--200mm3. Plane thickness tolerance 0.0034. The surface of 65Mn separator material is chrome plated.Fifth, according to the customer's cutting and cutting of different metal coil materials and thicknesses,5 Types of steel are selected, and 8 types of domestic excellent steel are selected.6. The heat treatment adopts domestic reassuring equipment technology, optional: vacuum quenching, high frequency quenching, salt furnace quenching.7. Three elements of quality control and quality assurance: material selection, heat treatment and precision.