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What are the sources of waste aluminum?

The waste aluminum shredder literally means that it is used for the treatment of scrap aluminum. Since it is dealing with scrap aluminum, we will come to understand the source of scrap aluminum today.Scrap aluminum is a common name for recycling aluminum. After the aluminum is recycled, some of it will be cold-processed to become powdered aluminum, and the other part will be recycled by heavy medium ore dressing or parabolic beneficiation.The main sources of scrap aluminum can be roughly divided into three categories: one is the aluminum processing materials, aluminum ingots and processed aluminum scraps. This kind of waste aluminum material is often alloyed with a clear chemical composition and can be directly sent to an aluminum processing plant after recycling.Aluminum scrap is used.The second is the waste scraps returned by the user. Generally, the bundles are packed and the surface is clean. After returning to the aluminum processing plant, the scrap aluminum material is sampled and re-examined and classified, and then the alloy is prepared by adding a certain proportion to the furnace.The third is the waste aluminum recovered from the society, including wires, cables, beverage cans, cans, signs, aluminum chips, aluminum foil, aluminum daily drinking utensils, and so on. There are many kinds of chemical elements contained in such waste aluminum, and the content range fluctuates greatly. The harmful elements of chemical components are iron, lead and tin, while the high-magnesium or high-zinc waste aluminum can only be used to formulate the combination of the elements. In addition, the waste aluminum also contains paint, plastic, cloth, paper and oil. Non-metallic materials.If these impurities are not removed before smelting, it will affect the stability of the chemical composition of recycled aluminum and the product star of recycled aluminum.The source of scrap aluminum is still very extensive, because aluminum products have penetrated into every aspect of our lives. There is a large amount of waste aluminum produced every year. The aluminum recycling industry has great potential. After recycling, these aluminum scraps are processed into pellets by scrap aluminum shredder. Shape, particle size of 10 to 140mm, which is conducive to later processing.GEP Machinery is a supplier and manufacturer of solid waste recycling equipment, mainly providing production equipment, technical support, spare parts service, maintenance and so on for customers' solid waste recycling.At present, the products involve single machine or supporting production lines in the fields of plastics, home appliances, metals, tires and wood. Including tire shredder, car shredder, mini aluminum can shredder, waste shredder machine, etc.GEP Machinery is a large enterprise dedicated to waste recycling equipment.