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What can the wood shredder shredder do?

Wood shredder equipment can shred large-scale waste wood raw materials such as furniture boards, door panels, floors, window frames, logs, tree roots, etc. into pieces of wood, with high production efficiency.The wood shredder after shredder equipment can be used as mechanical charcoal production, wood-based panel processing, biomass pellet fuel processing and other large-scale waste wood through the wood shredder to shred into wood fragments, through drying, mixing, Processes such as gluing and pressing are made into artificial plates, which are then used in furniture production and home decoration. With the prosperity of furniture production and home decoration, the market demand for wood chips is increasing, and the demand for wood shredder equipment is increasingThe wood shredder equipment produced by the wood shredder manufacturer uses the rolling bearing as the main shaft, and the motor drives the main shaft to rotate, and the wood shredder blade fixed on the rolling bearing also rotates at a high speed. After the large-scale waste wood raw materials enter the wood shredder equipment, they are shredded by the wood shredder blades. Between the wood shredder blades and the wood shredder blades, they are continuously shredded. The discharge port of the base of the wood shredder is discharged.