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What if there is a power outage?

The mini aluminum can shredder material enters the inside of the shredded box through the feeding system, and the box body carries the shredder blade, and the material is shredded, squeezed, sheared, etc., and the material is shredded into small pieces. The lower part of the cabinet is discharged.Due to the harsh working environment of the mini aluminum can shredder, there are often unexpected events during production and use. In the event of a sudden power outage in the mini aluminum can shredder, we must remain calm and never perform maintenance blindly. In the event of a sudden shutdown, be sure to turn off the power immediately to avoid other accidents during operation.Look at the discharge port is blocked, the operator must strictly follow the instructions for use, do not blindly feed the shredder in order to avoid the load capacity of the machine. If material clogging occurs, stop the mini aluminum can shredder at the discharge port to ensure that the discharge is unblocked.