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What is Hazardous Waste Shredder

Hazardous wastes are mostly incinerated or thrown in landfills, these may be the easiest way to process the waste, but this caused the surrounding environment to be contaminated with dangerous substances. Hazardous waste treatment is the first step before the waste goes to landfills, and only if they are stabilized and size reduced beforehand.

Because of physical and chemical characteristics, these hazardous wastes are subjected to special processes to render them harmless before and during the grinding phase. Some common hazardous waste includes IBC buckets, paint buckets, chemical bags and so on. Actually many hazardous wastes can be recycled, such as printed circuit boards, batteries, etc.

The engineers of GEP Ecotech designed and developed a hazardous waste shredder and granulator for safe recycling and disposal of hazardous and biomedical wastes. We provide effective, reliable and world-proven technology solutions for the recycling of hazardous medical waste disposal. The processing of hazardous and biomedical wastes must be in accordance with regulatory requirements and proper safety. Our equipment for the disposal of hazardous and biomedical wastes met the safety and regulatory requirements wheather you are located in China, Europe or the U.S. The hazardous and biomedical wastes include dry solid waste, gas cylinders, aerosols, radioactive, chemical containers, paints, sludge, household hazardous waste, metal or plastic drums, bio-waste, medical waste, face masks, pharmaceutical waste, expire food, spent ammunition, etc.

Additional features such as automatic disinfection, fully confined chamber and water spray are customizable.

GEP Ecotech offers unique hazardous waste treatment for your specific hazardous waste application to meet the necessary size-reduction requirements. Our one shaft shredders, twin shaft shredders and plastic granulators are robust, reliable and require lower maintenance. Our hazardous medical waste recycling shredder machines and crushers are in pace with the environmental concerns and specific application requirements. We provide energy-efficient shredders and granulators for the recycling of hazardous and biomedical wastes, which are user friendly and easy to install and operate. Our medical wastes shredder and hazardous waste treatment are tailored made to fit your needs.