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What is recyclable garbage?

According to the industry standard "Evaluation Standards for Urban Domestic Waste Classification" and the German waste classification method, recyclable waste refers to waste suitable for recycling and resource utilization. mainly includes:1. Paper: Non-severely contaminated paper for writing, packaging and other paper products. Such as newspapers, various types of packaging paper, office paper, advertising paper, paper boxes, copy paper, etc.2. Plastics: plastic waste containers, packaging plastics and other plastic products. Such as various plastic bags, plastic bottles, foam plastics, disposable plastic tableware, rigid plastics, etc.3. Metal: all kinds of scrap metal products. Such as canned, canned, leaded toothpaste, etc.4. Glass: colored and colorless waste glass products;5. Fabric: Old textile garments and textile products. Hazardous waste refers to paint, paint, cleaning fluid, sub-waste and batteries.How can recyclable garbage realize its value?The garbage shredder is an environmentally friendly device for shredding and reducing the volume of these recyclable garbage. The equipment performs purposeful shredding of recyclable garbage, which effectively solves the problem of transportation and storage of recycled garbage, while saving Fewer resources.