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What is the development direction of shredder?

Garbage treatment to protect the environment will become the main market direction for the future development of shredder machineWith the development of society and the marked acceleration of urbanization in China and the rapid increase of urban population, human demand for natural resources and emissions of production and domestic waste have greatly increased. According to statistics, China's annual urban waste production reaches 200 million tons, accounting for more than 1/4 of the world's total, increasing at a rate of 9% per year. The nation's untreated garbage has reached more than 7 billion tons, covering about 800,000 acres. At present, more than 200 cities in China have been surrounded by rubbish, and there has been a sharp increase in urban waste, and the situation is grim. Garbage surrounds the city, and the problems of pollution and environmental impact are getting worse.Developing countries in the overall environmental trend are encouraging the environmental protection industry in terms of related policies and funds. Municipal waste treatment equipment with the theme of garbage shredder machine has been favored by the market. The shredder machine is built on the waste crushing and harmless A kind of equipment developed from the perspective of chemical treatment has the advantages of strong processing capacity and wide range of use. In the future development, shredder machine gradually replaces professional crushing equipment and is used in waste garbage recycling treatment to reduce the investment cost of enterprises. Choose processing capacity.