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What is the difference between shredder machine and crusher

Many friends will confuse the crusher and crusher, but they are actually very different devices. Today, large crusher manufacturers specialize in collecting and sorting out some information. I hope to help you understand the difference between them distinguishWhat they have in common: they are used for broken itemsdifference:1. Works differentlyThe shredder machine is a biaxial cutter. The material is shredded, shredded, crushed and squeezed. The crusher is a crushing machine that uses the crushing and bending effect of materials to coarsely crush, medium crush and fine crush various hardness materials.2. Different shredsShredder machine is a kind of fine crushing machine, which is generally used to process raw materials or scraps to make them smaller.Give a common exampleAfter the plastic or rubber scraps are shredded and used as raw materials, the pellets are melted and used to make plastic bottles, tires or trash cans.The crusher generally handles large pieces of material, and the particle size of the product is relatively coarse, usually larger than 8 mm. Its structural feature is that there is a certain gap between the broken pieces and they do not contact each other. The crusher can be divided into coarse crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher.3.The application range is different:Shredder machine can shred waste plastic, waste formwork, waste tires, and other waste resources. It is an environmentally-friendly equipment.For example, when used in the plastic recycling industry, it is often used for the crushing of waste large-caliber PE plastic pipes, plastic films in bales, large plastic tablets and machine head materials. Crusher is the equipment for crushing stones in mines, and it is the necessary equipment for making sand and stones, but it can only crush stones and brittle materials, but soft plastic products cannot be crushed. Suitable for many industries such as mining, smelting, construction, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries.4.Appearance difference:The most intuitive difference in appearance is that the shredder machine uses dual motors and double knife rollers, while the crusher is a motor.