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What is the processing technology of GEP mechanical kitchen

GEP mechanical kitchen waste shredder treatment system, the process is as follows:1. Feed the screw conveyor and pour the garbage into the barrel.2. Double shaft crusher.3. Screw conveyor.4. Solid-liquid separator, this process can add hot water to dissolve the oil in the food, which is convenient for subsequent oil-water separation.5. The liquid inlet and outlet separator separated by the solid-liquid separator. Oil can increase the calorific value of fuel in cement kilns and waste incineration plants. Effectively reduce coal consumption. This treatment also avoids the generation of waste oil.6. The solidified material separated by the solid-liquid separator is subjected to aerobic fermentation to become a fertilizer.The kitchen waste shredder machine produced by GEP Machinery has the characteristics of automatic, high yield, high output and simple operation. Using the kitchen waste shredder machine produced by our company can process the kitchen waste more efficiently. In addition, we also produce tire shredder, car shredder, mini aluminum can shredder and other machines to meet your needs.