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What is the working principle of crocodile scissors?

How crocodile scissors work:The scrap metal sheet shearing machine is composed of a shearing cylinder, a shearing knife, a slider pressing knife, a lower knife seat, a pressing oil cylinder, etc., and a hydraulic pumping station (power output source) is supplied to the pressing cylinder when the shearing operation is performed. The oil pushes the slider pressing knife onto the lower seat to complete the fixed pressing of the material, and then the hydraulic pump station supplies oil to the shearing cylinder to complete the cutting step. After the shearing is completed, the hydraulic pump station performs the return stroke operation under the driving of the hydraulic oil returning to the shearing cylinder and the pressing cylinder.Zhengzhou GEP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specialized in the production of waste recycling lines and various recycling machines. Our company introduces the scientific management mode of modern enterprises, which is capable of manufacturing, forging ahead, pioneering and innovating, and rapidly emerging into the domestic machinery industry. An original company.We produce car shredder, tire shredder, mini aluminum can shredder, waste shredder machine and other products, which have excellent sales in the market, and are sold in many cities in China. The country has won unanimous praise from customers, and its powerful shredding ability makes the shredder equipment produced by GEP Machinery popular with customers!