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What problems should be paid attention to when installing th

1. It is necessary to change the screen in any situation. If the screen of tire shredder is damaged or thermally broken by dirty things, if the total area of damage is not large, it can be repaired by riveting or soldering, which can reduce the cost of maintenance. However, if it is destroyed on a large scale, the new screen must be replaced immediately. Note that the new screen must be the same as the original model specifications of the shredder. First open the machine chamber cover of the shredder equipment according to the hydraulic machine equipment. Use electric forklifts or other large strokes to arrange the lifting and lifting components to immediately remove the unused screens. Install the shredder screens with round holes. The sifted side of the screen is facing inward, and the bright side is outside. 2. For the jam on the screen on the installed shredder inspection equipment, after the shredder is installed, we must check whether the jam on the screen has been fastened and whether the screen on both sides of the jam is neat, if it is not neat or If it is not fastened, it must be ensured to be neat and tidy. After the adjustment is made, the inside of the screen should be inspected again to see if it is appropriate to install each component. After the screen equipment of the shredder is finished, you must remember to put on the machine operation cover, and then tighten the screws. 3. The effect of the screen of the shredder in the equipment is to manipulate the size of the particle size distribution of the finished product, and the insulation effect of the material in the cavity of the shredder, when the material in the cavity of the equipment has not been broken to a certain particle size, it will be The bottom of the screen is isolated and cannot be easily discharged from the feed port. It will be left in the crushing area of ​​the equipment cavity again and be torn and broken by the high-speed spindle, until it reaches the size of the bottom hole diameter. Come out. Shredder screens belong to spare parts. After a period of production, the materials appear thicker than the original materials and they must be inspected. Those that must be replaced must be immediately replaced. Many inspections are carried out on the screens to prevent the problem of large water content or low feed rate of the material residue caused by the screen diameter being too large or too small. The above aspects are detailed information about the screen level of the shredder equipment. In the case of the purchase of the shredder equipment, it is necessary to carry out a detailed grasp of the equipment parts, so that in the application, it will have more than half the effort. actual effect. There are many years of work experience in the production of shredder equipment product series, warmly welcome to the factory for commissioning and investigation.