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What should do if shredder suddenly loses power? (1-2)

The waste shredder machine can be used in a variety of used and used cardboard boxes, used household appliances, automobile tires, and the like. With the continuous improvement of our quality of life, the amount of waste is increasing day by day, and the use of waste shredder machine promotes the reuse of waste products, so it has an important position.The waste shredder machine takes the waste garbage into the inside of the shredded casing, and then through the comprehensive action of the blade crushing, squeezing, shearing, etc., the material that is pulverized into small pieces is discharged from the lower part of the shredded casing.The environment in which the waste shredder machine works is often very bad, so there may be some sudden time in the process of use. At this time, the user should keep calm, such as the sudden shredder sudden power outage, then I will tell you the following How to deal with the problem.1. In the face of sudden shutdowns, the power should be cut off immediately to avoid a safety accident.2. Look at the discharge port for blockage. The operator must strictly follow the instructions for use. It should not exceed the machine feed frequency and dosage to avoid exceeding the load capacity of the machine. If material clogging occurs, stop it in time to remove the blockage at the waste shredder machine to ensure smooth discharge.