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What should I pay attention to when buying a scrap mini alum

At present, there are many kinds of large-scale mini aluminum can shredder on the market, which makes the buyers dazzled and do not know how to choose.Special manufacturer of mini aluminum can shredder-----GEP Machinery hereby advises you:1. Buy scrap aluminum shredder must look at the thickness of the liner of the scrap aluminum shredder,2. Also look at the blade of the mini aluminum can shredder is not active, and the belt is not equipped with a dust collector.3. Real mini aluminum can shredder equipment, including: main engine, dust collector, operation cabinet, motor (as needed).The multifunctional mini aluminum can shredder is composed of a main machine, a fan, a fan motor, a dust removing device and a magnetic separation conveying.The dust removal equipment, that is, the separator and the dust collector, is driven by the fan motor to rotate dust and debris.Understand the waste aluminum shredder, I hope that we can strengthen the communication and communication between the two parties, not only to understand the customer's evaluation of the product, but more importantly, to enter a kind of guide user consumption, let users understand GEP machinery, realize the enterprise more efficient , low-cost demand, improve market response speed, accelerate technological innovation, strict quality control, reduce production costs, enable consumers to get benefits, and seize more business opportunities in the ever-changing competition. For the society, create more value for you!