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Which materials are most suitable for the hammer head of met

The selection of suitable materials for the hammer head of the metal crusher is the fundamental way to extend the life of the hammer head. Because the hammer head is subjected to impact wear and cutting wear during use, it requires high resistance and high hardness for the raw materials used. The hardness of the hammer head of the metal crusher can improve its wear resistance and then aggravate impact wear; improving the resistance of the material helps to suppress the onset and expansion of cracks, which is conducive to aggravating erosion wear. However, resistance and hardness are opposites. When selecting raw materials in practice, we must fully understand the working conditions and wear mechanisms, and choose raw materials reasonably.(1) Select the material of the hammer head of the metal crusher according to the impact load size. When the granularity of the crushed material is large, the impact load of the hammer head is also large. Therefore, alloyed high-strength high-manganese steel should be selected, and its resistance can ensure safety Using it, its high initial hardness, high yield strength, and dispersed carbides in the austenite body can ensure its high wear resistance; the heavier the weight of the hammer, the greater the mass of the broken material, and the impact of the hammer The load is also greater, so you should first think about improving the hardness of the hammer head on the premise of ensuring the durability of the hammer head; regarding small and medium hammer heads, the impact load is small, and the use of high manganese steel cannot promote its work hardening characteristics and cannot achieve the wear resistance effect. High and medium carbon low alloy steel and medium carbon alloy steel materials should be selected.(2) When selecting the hammer head material according to the characteristics of the material, when selecting the raw material of the hammer head of the metal crusher, it is necessary to fully understand the composition of the crushed material and its hardness, particle size, sharpness and water content. The higher the hardness of the material, the higher the hardness requirement of the hammer head material; and the greater the bulk of the material, the higher the resistance requirement. The wear resistance of the material will be lost and improved. Therefore, the material hardness of the hammer head should be selected to be more than 0.8 times the hardness of the material. On this basis, the size and speed of the hammer head are coordinated to select materials with reasonable hardness and patience.(3) Select the hammer head material according to the structure of the metal crusher.The hammer head of the general metal hammer crusher is fixed on the shaft through the hammer frame.When working, the centripetal force is large, and the hammer head is subjected to large impact loads.Highly resistant wear-resistant materials should be selected; return hammer The hammer head of the head crusher is embedded on the runner, and wear-resistant materials with lower resistance can be used; the larger the crusher specification, the greater the weight of the hammer head, the greater the momentum and impulse, and the higher the requirements for the hammer head, should be Choose wear-resistant materials with high resistance.(4) Select the hammer head material of the metal crusher according to economy. When selecting the hammer head raw material, we should also think about the economic effect of skills, strive to achieve high quality and low price, and have market competitiveness. Together, we should also consider the rationality of its craftsmanship, making it easy for consumer factories to arrange consumption and quality control.