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Why high bearing replacement frequency? (3-5)

3.waste shredder machine working environment is bad, the working environment is flying a variety of debris such as garbage, paint, rust, etc. If the bearing is not sealed enough, it will accelerate the contamination of the inside of the bearing by the impurity particles, accelerate the bearing wear, if the grease is too much It is easier to combine with adsorption to accelerate this wear process.4. Bearing overload operation is another factor of bearing damage. If the shredder machine is often boring in the production process, the bearing will bear several times the load of normal production, resulting in bearing fatigue operation and shortening the bearing use time.5. The quality of the bearing itself is also the core factor. Some customers are eager for the cheap shredder machine price, but choose some untrustworthy merchants, the bearing quality is not enough, and the time bomb is buried for the bearing damage. GEP Machinery adopts imported famous bearings. Brand, from the source to give customers the trust and quality assurance, while customers should pay attention to selecting excellent manufacturers when purchasing equipment to ensure their quality and post-service.