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Why should medical waste be broken?

Medical waste is mainly divided into wastes such as medical drugs and medical devices. It is a kind of garbage containing a large number of pathogenic bacteria and toxic substances.The general medical waste disposal methods include disinfection and destructive treatment, in-situ incinerators, and centralized sanitary landfills.Sanitary landfill is the final treatment method for medical waste. The principle is to bury the garbage underground and decompose it into harmless substances through long-term decomposition of microorganisms.Whether it is disinfection and destructive treatment, in-situ incinerators, or centralized landfill, it is necessary to first break through and then proceed to the next process, which is easy to physically change and improve processing efficiency.The medical waste shredder is driven by a motor with a double-knife roll.The blade is a shearing tool that directly breaks medical waste directly to a minimum size, which can promote the effective decomposition of medical waste and physical changes.Whether it is landfill or incineration, it can be quickly turned into harmless substances after being crushed.