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Why the metal crusher has high demand for electricity?

Metal crusher equipment can be seen from the name that it is a machine for processing metals. Because these raw materials are high in hardness and bulky, and after entering the machine, they have to be repeatedly beaten by the hammer to become small metal particles. In this process, a large power support is required. If the power is too small, the quality of the finished product may be affected; therefore, for large metal crusher equipment, larger motors are generally configured, and there are more supporting equipment Therefore, the overall power is also relatively large. If the power is not available, it may affect the normal switching and operation of the machine, and the processing output will not be too high. Therefore, we must be ready to use it when purchasing a metal crusher electrical conditions! To prepare the power configuration, pay attention to the following issues:1. In addition to improving the performance of the equipment itself, we also require a good power supply system during the production of metal crushers. This requires that our voltage can also be stable. Generally, for metal crushers with high power, it will occasionally appear In the case of current fluctuations, thermal relay protection measures can be used in the production of enterprises to ensure the fluctuation of daily currents. If you want more complete protection, you can install a comprehensive motor protector.2. General single-phase AC power supply: 220±10v 50HZ, dual-phase AC power supply: 380±10v 50HZ, ambient humidity: 0-45℃, relative air humidity: no more than 80%, atmospheric pressure: 100±4Kpa, if it is continuous for a long time When working under high ambient temperature, electric fan should be used for heat dissipation. It should be reminded that in this process, you must ask a circuit engineer to configure it for you.