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Wide application of waste shredder machine

In daily life, take-away boxes, shoe boxes, etc. are rubbish. Not only household garbage, but also market trade and commercial waste, garbage dumps in public places, and garbage in public institutions are all domestic garbage. If they are not handled properly, they will cause Environmental pollution, such as walking on the road or passing through the mall, the vegetable market will smell an unpleasant smell, affecting the image of the city, and is not conducive to the selection of civilized cities. Therefore, in order to change this aspect, in order to better deal with garbage, the waste shredder machine was achieved.The waste shredder machine consists of two parts: the feeder and the body. The waste shredder machine is designed to fill the hopper and the body with a double-layered sound-insulating material, which greatly reduces the working noise and adapts to environmental requirements. The feeding hopper and the body are horizontally arranged for feeding, and the upper feeding port can be filled with scraps and blocks. The lower and lower bodies are connected by joint bolts, loosening the fastening bolts, and rotating the lifting rod hand wheel to the upper body and the feeding hopper Jack up for easy cleaning. Tool change and screen adjustment and blade clearance are easy to use and maintain. The waste shredder machine's internal tools are tailored to the needs of the dry and wet materials. They are durable and easy to crush all kinds of soft and hard plastics.